Welcome to Aethersea!

The world is one of floating islands, airships and high adventure. Aetherium Ore is a naturally occurring substance that lifts huge masses of land from the Terra Firma up into the Dread Myst. If the land is not destroyed in the Myst, it reaches the Aethersea where it remains aloft as a floating island imbued with magical power. What isn't common in the Material Plane, is water. Islands in the Aethersea rarely see rainfall, the Dread Myst is a dangerous perpetual storm and the Terra Firma is mostly just that, land. Adventures in Aethersea can be as fantastic as seeking magical relics to thwart evil or as mundane as acquiring water for an impoverished island.

Athersea is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition setting created by Jason Gettel.